A seat cover manufacturing facility, which produces quality seat covers on an OEM basis for our customers.

Operates and maintains a team of over 50 highly skilled and dedicated staff currently, and is poised to expand wisely, to meet the long term growth potential of the Malaysian Automobile market. 100% of OEM’s staff is Malaysian, and almost all have been with the company for a long period with at least 6 years of sewing service skill, and as long as 17 years. This practice of keeping our long serving staff has lead to OEM’s success in quality control and excellent delivery of product in a very timely manner.

At present OEM is utilizing a high standard of manufacturing processes with the use high-tech state-of-the art and advanced machinery as its business grows.


Situated 400 km from capital Kuala Lumpur, OEM was set up over 10 years ago. The car assembly plant is only 15 minutes away from OEM seat assembly plant which allow on time deliveries services.

OEM currently has a team of over 70 highly skilled and extensively trained technical personnel who do seat assembly in Kulim, Kedah. Over the years OEM and its technical team have grown to be well versed in more advanced technology and techniques of seat assembly with help from its suppliers and partners, including the use of latest computerized technology to aid in the seat assembly process. Currently OEM has invested in highly advanced computerized technology and technical processes, as its business grows, to cater to the high technological advances of its customers in seating comfort and seating safety.

Warehousing is a key component of the overall business supply chain. OEM’s warehouse in Kulim, which is situated just opposite to the seat assembly plant, allows all the raw materials to be stored in an adequate space with the proper equipment by the well trained personnel. OEM has also in place superior warehouse techniques and storage functions to cater to the fast pace of FIFO.

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